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A Priceless Baby Gift

Pre-conception health includes a detailed health plan for women and men to ensure that your body is as healthy as possible before conceiving a child.

Pre-Conception Health


Interview with Dr. Doniparthi

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Why do we need a health plan before we conceive?

The rise in childhood diseases, cancer, and autism suggests that we must evaluate our food, water, air, and overall environment for toxic impediments to good health. In addition, we know that we inherit damaged DNA from as far back as our grandparents; therefore, toxicity has a cumulative effect. Consequently, it is in the best interest of everyone (parents, child, and society) if parents lower toxin exposure, increase nutrients, and maximize their health before conceiving a child.


Working on good health would include getting to know your baseline health metrics and what you can do to improve your pre-conception health. Maintaining good health throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding is also essential for setting up a foundation of good health for the baby. Additionally, overall family health consciousness continues to be vital for child development. 

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Dr. Doniparthi's Top 5 things to do before conceiving a child:

  1. Choose a partner that is ready, willing, and excited about taking this journey into parenthood.

  2. Get a baseline of your bloodwork and nutrient levels to understand what supplementation your body needs.

  3. Lower your toxic load by re-assessing the chemicals you ingest, put on your skin, and use to clean. For example, caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, skin creams, make-up, hair dye, cleaning agents, etc. There are better organic alternatives, such as swapping out those harsh bleach chemical cleaners for white vinegar and water.

  4. Reflect on whether you are mentally ready for the challenges of parenthood and engage in stress-reducing activities: walking, meditation, and yoga. Get into a healthy sleeping routine.

  5. Evaluate your finances, job, housing, and mental preparedness for this significant life change. Babies are much work, and you want to do your best to bring them into an environment ready for their arrival.

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