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Food Preparation

"Life begins and ends with our lifestyle and nutritional choices."

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, M.D., is one of the growing numbers of physicians leading a paradigm shift in health. He is a senior physician board-certified in regenerative & functional medicine, family medicine, and obesity medicine, holding degrees from Loyola University and Grace University Medical School. In addition, he completed his medical residency as Chief Medical Resident at The University of Alabama.

Dr. Doniparthi practices functional medicine in Alpharetta, GA, focusing on biological substrates for cellular detoxification to help children and adults with complex medical conditions due to epigenetic changes in the individual. Functional Medicine Georgia is the name of his practice where he is a partner in health to all his patients and, in that role, is dedicated to working with them to learn, develop, and treat their individual needs for restorative health. The cornerstone of his and his patients' work involves biological substrates that provide the foundation for biochemical reactions, vitamins: organic compounds necessary for normal physiological functioning, and minerals, which are inorganic substances that play essential roles in maintaining bodily functions. He firmly believes that the body can heal itself with the proper inputs and that food is medicine for sustained health.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Doniparthi is a leader, speaker, educator, and advocate for fatty acids, phospholipids and plamalogens to develop and fortify healthy cells to combat illness. He is the Founder and Medical Director of Doniparthi Neurogen Academy nonprofit, where he provides education and training to fellow healthcare providers in implementing his clinical treatments for long COVID, vaccine injury, mold/fungus infections, neurological disorders, and other intricate medical conditions.

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, MD
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