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The Cell

"Life begins and ends with our lifestyle and nutritional choices."

Dr. Doniparthi (aka Dr. D) founded Functional Medicine Georgia (FMG) in 2016 when he realized that the conventional approach to medicine was managing symptoms but not healing his patients. So with FMG, he set out to help people discover the root cause of their illnesses and then facilitate their journey back to health through specialized diagnostics, lifestyle modifications, targeted therapies, and patient-centered education.

Dr. Doniparthi's holistic approach to health includes working with his patients to evaluate their unique genetic makeup, environment, and overall physical and mental health. Patients receive individualized treatment plans that lead to successful health outcomes and an understanding of how to sustain their reclaimed physical and mental health moving forward. 

Dr. D's Credentials:

Board Certified in:

  • Regenerative & Functional Medicine

  • Family Medicine

  • Obesity Medicine

Additional Expertise in:​

  • Preconception Health & Hormones

  • Phospholipid Therapy

  • Nutrition

Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, MD

Clinic Focus:

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Cellular Health

Image by Total Shape

Weight Health

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Chronic Illness

Covid 19

Long Haulers


Women & Men

Image by Annie Spratt

Spectrum Disorder

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