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Your health and healing depend on our commitment to doing the best we can and your commitment to:


Having a Primary Care Physician

We recommend you have a PCP (Primary Care Physician) while working with FMG. FMG does not handle medical or mental health emergencies. Your PCP will only be contacted by the FMG clinical staff if a situation arises that requires the attention of your local provider. Your PCP should handle any medications not prescribed by FMG.

Understanding The FMG Approach

We strongly recommend that you fully commit to the FMG medical approach in order to succeed. Working with multiple centers or physicians, other than your primary care physician, may create contradiction, confusion and frustration – ultimately delaying your progress.

A Partnership and a Process

Some chronic illnesses can take weeks, months or even longer to improve. If you don’t see immediate results, don’t give up. At FMG, healing is based on a partnership and a process. It takes time, patience and persistence to find and treat the root causes of your illness. You will have to work hard, and so will we.

Prescribed Changes

Your commitment to comply with prescribed dietary changes, supplements, and medications, as well as other treatment recommendations, is the key to healing. If you don’t follow the plan with reasonable consistency, your progress will likely be stalled.

Nutritionist/Nurse Practitioner Appointments

Our clinical staff is your support system for making the necessary lifestyle changes. If you maintain regular ongoing appointments, you’ll benefit from guidance for overcoming challenges, ideas for implementing those changes and helpful resources.

Patient / Physician Commitment

Establishing and maintaining a good working relationship with your physician here at FMG, is a key element in your success. Once treatment is initiated with your physician, it is important that you remain in that physician’s care and stay in regular communication with your clinical team.

Ongoing Support

Functional medicine is a different approach from the existing health care model. Chronic illness can contribute to challenges with focus, cognition, energy and mood. Some of the changes that we ask of you may feel overwhelming at times. Though family and friends may provide crucial support, it’s not always adequate. It is the obligation of your FMG team to identify difficulties you may be having with behaviors which interfere with your stated goals. They may recommend additional outside services. These services include a range of behavioral and mental health therapies. Refusal to make appropriate use of recommended treatment may result in termination of FMG services.

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